About karyawan.net?

About karyawan.net?

Karyawan.net is an application engineered to help HR Department manage its employee, which developed base on web, and all the data centralized in Internet backbone and the user can access only with one browser and use internet connection.

Who is the developer of Karyawan.net ?

Karyawan.net developed by PT.SISFO INDONESIA, a reputable company in Indonesia and karyawan.net launched since 2005.

until now how many language versions of karyawan.net?

Karyawan.net untill now has two version, Bahasa Indonesia version and English version.

IF we have employee small than 100 persons, can we use karyawan.net?

In the implementation of Karyawan.net, this application is very flexible in the size of the number of employees, karyawan.net so can be used for the number of people below 100

What if the number of employees more than 1,000 people, whether these applications can be used as well?

Since 2005 we karyawan.net has already used for more than 10,000 account. One of our client, has implemented with employee more than 3,000 people

If one company, has severeal branches and not in one region, can Karyawan.net be implemented ?

Because of the application developed based on web, that mean, the server located in central (internet backbone), and the branches can easyly access only with web browser and internet connection

My company located not in Indonesia, but we want to use Karyawan.net, can we ?

Karyawan.net can use anywhere in the world, so far, the user has web browser and internet connection

Is this application can be used for a group of companies where in many subsidiaries ?

In Karyawan.net, there is a modul to setup the company, the user can setup the company and the organization from there.