PAY AS YOU GO application is not an application that run by the project, but applications that are tailored to the needs of its users. regardless of the number of employees you will cost you spend will not add. you only pay for the application according to your need.


One of the advantages applications compared with other HR applications is the Brain Profile module. This module is very unique, because it can display the Brain Profile of each employee only in seconds. Employees just only filling of questionnaires that have been provided online, after which it will be seen the pattern of Brain Profile.


The main goal of’s application is that the HR department is not occupied by the routine needs of employees, but the function of the HR department can improve development of the employee. Application has been designed automated, and all the basic needs of employees are implemented in an integrated system, or better known as Employee Self Services.


This alert system is a module which function is to remember things on the HR manager or the user. The alert system can be defined according the will of its users, for example, functioned to remember employee birthdays, employee contract date etc. It is expected that with this function, there is no more things that are forgotten within the HR department.


often a company wants to implement a system collided with an investment problem, because many people do not want to invest in HR due in part to see that the HR department is not a profit center but a Cost Center. In use the application server and softwware have been provided, the company does not require any investment to run applications

CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT/CLOUD SERVER application designed with a centralized system, all applications deployed on the server, and the user is very simply to use and just need a browser to access it. Advantages of this architecture, that when there is an application that will need to be adjusted not to come to his users, the developer adjust only from the server side and if there is a problem on the user side , there is nothing to be fixed from the user. The user only need internet access to use

Smart & User Friendly


You run the business and we keep your employees

Employees are a valuable asset to a company, the company is also always busy to maintenance of its own employees. With our presence in the midst of you, we expect all employees of your company’s  can we handle it well, so you can focus on your primary business.