Technical aspects about

What is needed to access the application

to run applications only needed Internet access, computer and web browser.

What type of browser which compatible to run ?

Any kind of browser can be used to access, but for the best performance, we propose to use, chrome, firefox and internet explorer (ie).

Where is the location of the server ? anda how about the security ?

The server of located in Jakarta Indonesia, and the sever is very secure. To access we have already use the https: protocol

How big the storage provided by ?

We have many many servers and giant storage. To know how big storage provided by, depend on, what you choose the package.

Is every user / employee has account to log in?

yes, because in principle is an application that uses the concept of self-service, so the web is considered as an interface for communication with the HR department

How about the type of approval in

type approval in is tiered, from the lower level to the higher level, therefore it is highly recommended, before running the application, first determined levels of approval and corporate organizations.

Is distinguished between accounts for employee and HR staff or HR manager?

Yes, because the type approval tiered according to the position and organization of the company

What is the minimum requirement for the speed of the internet to access

The minimum speed for internet access, is the average speed of the internet today. could also be said that the minimum speed Internet access is 512 Kbps.

whether the application can run in a smart phone or tablet / ipad?

yes, applications can already be run in a smartphone or tablet.